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Irish Harp Makers

The following is a directory of full-time and part-time Irish harp makers currently operating in Ireland. If you know of other Irish harp makers currently operating in Ireland or of any changes that should be made to the following list please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

This list of harp makers is provided to assist people who may wish to procure a harp from one of the many Irish harp makers. Publication of this list is not an endorsement of any harp maker and we cannot vouch for or recommend any one harp maker over another. Harps are expensive instruments and accordingly we urge consumers to proceed with caution and conduct their own due diligence when purchasing an instrument. Accordingly, the principal of caveat emptor should be applied.


Brian Callan

Callan Harps

Harp type: Lever

Co. Galway

Facebook Page

Davy Patton


Harp type: Early Irish

Co. Roscommon

Jan Muyllaert


Harp type: Lever

Co. Meath

Kevin Harrington

Harrington Instruments

Harp type: Lever

Co. Wicklow

Facebook Page

Mervyn Waugh

Turmennan Harps

Harp type: Lever

Co. Down

Natalie Surina

Ériú Harps

Harp types: Early Irish, Lever

Co. Galway

Facebook Page

Pat Cawley & Indra Karklas

Indra’s Celtic Harps

Harp type: Lever

Co. Westmeath

Paul Dooley


Harp type: Early Irish

Co. Clare

Paul Doyle




Ruairí McCann

Narrow Water Harps

Harp type: Lever

Co. Louth

Tim O’Carroll

Killarney Harps

Harp type: Lever

Co. Kerry

Tomás MacUileagóid

Eala Harps

Harp type: Lever


Facebook Page

Brian Waugh

Turmennan Learner Harps

Harp type: Learner

Co. Down

Harp Festival 2018

cairde na cruite harp festival


Cruit Éireann

Cruit Éireann, Harp Ireland,
is a collective of harp players working together to promote our national instrument, gain recognition for its unique status and secure its sustainability.

Cruit Éireann Website


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Help us achieve UNESCO intangible cultural heritage status for the Irish harp

Cruit Éireann, Harp Ireland is currently working towards getting the harp included on UNESCO's Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity and we are appealing to members of the public to pledge their written support for our national symbol.

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Festival 2017

What a great festival we had in 2017!
Cairde na Cruite Festival 2017

Here are some of the images from the events at the 2017 festival, with thanks to Kieran Cummins Photography for the photos.

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